Liebster Award

This is the first award I’ve been nominated for, so please bear with me while I go through the steps. 🙂

If you have just been nominated by me, here are the rules:
– Post the award on your blog.
– Thank the blogger presenting you with this award and provide a link back to their blog
– Write 11 random facts about yourself
– Pay it forward and find 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers who you think are deserving of the award and nominate them!
– Finally, the award presenter will ask 11 questions which you need to answer and then you, in turn, ask your nominees 11 questions, and on it goes.

And my thanks goes to:
Lady of the Cakes, a multi-lingual, freelance cake-eater with a penchant for traveling. 🙂

Eleven facts about myself:
1. I have traveled to 25 countries and lived in 4, on 4 different continents.
2. I have traveled to 23 states in America and lived in 2, on both coasts.
3. I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee competitively (have played in tournaments in 7 countries).
4. I’ve worked as an interpreter/translator (for English/Portuguese/Vietnamese).
5. I enjoy learning to play the piano from time to time.
6. I enjoy cooking a lot, it’s a nice way for me to relax.
7. I have summited Mt. Kilimanjaro.
8. My first scuba diving lesson was supposed to be in a pool, but they didn’t have a pool, so I had to do it in the ocean.
9. I love using my phone as a GPS device, but I think that that’s slowly deteriorating the way I orient myself in real life.
10. Some of my favorite authors include David Sedaris, Bill Bryson, and H.G. Wells.
11. I think I’m addicted to doing puzzles, even though I know they’re a huge time sink.

Answers to the questions from Lady of the Cakes:
1. If you had to choose between a snake and a spider as a pet, which would it be?

As a general rule, I tend to shy away from keeping animals that could kill me with one bite. But if I had to pick the lesser of two evils, I guess I’d have to go with the spider.
2. When you were little, what was the meanest thing another kid ever did to you?

When I was in 3rd grade, a fellow classmate tattled on me to the teacher. My crime: running doing recess (we were forbidden to run at school). My punishment: a slap on the hand with a ruler (a common disciplinary technique where I lived).
3. You’re King/Queen Of The World for a day. What’s the first law you would pass?

No more bad drivers on the road!
4. What was your most hated subject at school?
Probably creative writing, just because it’s so hard to judge who’s doing a good job.

5. If you could bring two historical figures together, who would it be and why? (They needn’t have lived at the same time.)
Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama, since the latter references the former so much.

6. What type of social occasion do you enjoy the least?
Any occasion where gift giving is mandatory (to or from me).

7. What is the most adventurous food you’ve ever tried?

Probably pig’s brain.
8. Sweet or savoury?
For sure savo(u)ry.

9. Which physical feature do you least appreciate inheriting from your either one of your parents?
My poor eyesight.

10. Fast forward to age 75. What do you think you’d regret most not ever having done?
I’d regret not having answered this question more seriously.

11. Name one item/style of clothing that’s in fashion right now and that  you just can’t stand the sight of. Or, if you’ve not been out recently, you can name something from a past era. The 80s usually provide rich pickings…
Holey jeans. Blech. How did that ever become popular?

Questions to my nominees:
1. Have you ever told a joke so bad that you had to explain it, which only resulted in a worse situation?
2. What was the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in front of someone you were/are attracted to?
3. Which country will you travel to next?
4. Which country will you never go back to?
5. Do you enjoy being the center of attention?
6. Have you ever experienced a natural disaster?
7. Have you thought about becoming a great writer, only to experience writer’s block immediately afterwards?
8. Your favorite city in the entire world?
9. Sea, land, or sky?
10. How do you motivate yourself when you face something you don’t want to do?
11. Do you enjoy tongue twisters?

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