Once in a while, I run into a non-Western word that fits perfectly into the Western lifestyle, and I think it’s hilarious. Iktsuarpok is a fantastic (Inuit) word and one could probably be fooled into thinking it was invented by the fast-paced, live-by-the-minute world of English speakers of modern New York City or something.

Iktsuarpok is the feeling of anticipation you get that leads you to keep looking outside to see if anyone’s coming – a feeling that I think we all know too well, but often don’t know how to phrase succinctly.

And, ever since internet communication and commerce really took off, this yearning for something that may or may not arrive probably began to extend way beyond the physical realm. Honestly, who amongst us hasn’t looked at his/her phone every few minutes just to see if someone’s recently texted/emailed/called?

And who amongst us hasn’t checked (and re-checked) the delivery status of our Amazon.com package?

And (don’t deny it!)… You’ve probably been one of those people that kept turning your head to check whether or not the stupid bus you’ve been waiting for had finally turned the corner that one time those three seven times?

But then again… Now that I think about it… Maybe it’s best that most people don’t know about this word. If it ever entered mainstream speech, people might think it’s perfectly all right to obsessively check on things all the time… We all probably could use a good disconnect once in awhile…

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