Number Writer 1.0

To download, please see the download page.
For the next version, see Number Writer 1.1.

In this age of instant online translations, it’s surprising that there’s no good, reliable service to give you translations of numbers. Even if you’re not a mathematician, engineer, or scientist, numbers are still incredibly important in day-to-day life. That’s why I am so frustrated when Google Translate gives me the following translations for, what I believe to be, simple entries:

English to Vietnamese:
positive five becomes tích cực năm (meaning: optimistic five)
negative six becomes tiêu cực sáu (meaning: pessimistic six)
eighteen point six two becomes mười tám điểm sáu hai (meaning: eighteen points [as in score/mark] six two)
English to Italian:
twelve point six two becomes dodici punto sei a due (meaning: twelve point six to two)
English to German:
eleven point six two becomes elf Punkte, sechs zwei (meaning: eleven points, six two)
six point nine two becomes Punkt sechs neun zwei (meaning: point six nine two)
Vietnamese to French:
trừ mười hai (meaning: minus twelve) becomes de douze (meaning: from twelve)
Chinese to English:

These translations are truly awful. There’s no reason why they should be this bad. So I’ve set out to make something better: Number Writer.

This program is very self-explanatory. You type in a number and it writes it out for you. Conversely, if you have a series of words that you want to be turned into a number, it’ll do a reverse conversation as well.

In this first version, you’ll have the option of using up to 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian, and Vietnamese.

Some notes:
1. Numbers can be negative or positive.
2. Numbers can be decimal (written with either “.” or “,”)
3. Maximum of 5 numbers after the decimal allowed.
4. Minimum number is -1000000000 (negative one billion).
5. Maximum number is 1000000000 (one billion).
6. No thousand separators are allowed.

Because of the range of numbers allowed, the total array (per language) contains a whopping 200,002,000,000,001 (200 trillion 2 billion and 1) values. Clearly, there is no way I can check all of these numbers. Even if it were possible for me to check each number every second, it would still take me over 6,342,021 years (more than 63.4 thousand centuries) to finish (and more than 317 thousand centuries if I did it for all 5 languages available). Because of this, if you spot a mistake somewhere in the calculations, please let me know and help me improve my algorithms. 🙂


As with all other programs I’ve written, there are 3 versions available (OS X, Windows, and Linux). Because there are no graphics and/or colors present, there seems to be no difference from version to version.

For the next version, see Number Writer 1.1.
To download, please see the download page. I hope you enjoy it!


12 thoughts on “Number Writer 1.0

  1. Great idea! Is there an English-Latvian version coming any time soon?! I have serious problems with invoicing at the end of the month!! 😉 Linda.

  2. GREAT!!! Dear abcrez : ) This should have been created much, much, much long ago, then there would have less miscommunications between the Mohicans and the Oregon West Settlers in the early days to the Promise Land ? 🙂

      • U’re quite right, dear Abcrez : ))
        Speed it up, as ” ‘bama” & Teams have been sucessfully “inducing” Uncle Sam’s English everywhere… : ))

        Tku for the Great Fun so far :))
        Opaakusdevn 🙂

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