Men, have you ever had that sinking feeling in your stomach; the one where you know you’ve done something wrong and need to find a remedy quickly?

Have you ever forgotten your wife’s birthday? Or accidentally turned all her white clothes pink? Or forgot to pick her mother up from the airport because [insert good reason here]? If so, you know exactly which feeling I’m referring to.

In these tricky situations, most guys would opt to get some sort of gift to placate their ladies. Well guys, you’re in luck; because now, not only can you give her a present, but you can also give her a nice vocabulary lesson to go with it: Drachenfutter – a gift to placate somebody, especially a spouse, who is angry at the giver.

Drachenfutter (German) is the combination of the words Drachen (dragon) and Futter (fodder/feed). And… that’s as deep as I’ll go with the etymology – I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. 🙂

[Note] Technically, I suppose there’s no reason why Drachenfutter should be relegated to the realm of husbands pacifying their angry wives, as many other types of relationships can have the same problem. There’s nothing in the etymology that suggests it. Who knows, maybe it’s a universal thing; men just have the uncanny ability to make women frustrated. 😛

[Note] If all else fails, try to cheer her up by helping her prevent breast cancer.

Want to read more about other uncommon words? 🙂 See the Interesting Words page.

Wiktionary (English)
Wiktionary (German)


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