Skueomorph sounds like an object that’s bent out of shape, doesn’t it? It actually means something that’s decorated to look like what it used to be, but isn’t anymore.

The definition can be pretty confusing, so here are a few examples:
– The little folder icon on your computer. It’s not really a folder, so why are we still using that image?

– A rotary phone that’s actually digital and can’t be spun at all.

– Hotdogs that look like they were made from the finest meats but are actually mostly sugar.

– Peaches that aren’t fruits (hint: they’re cookies).

I suppose the existence of this word is not too mind blowing, since there are a lot of things in the world that are made to resemble other objects.

Want to read more about other uncommon words? 🙂 See the Interesting Words page.

bon appétit


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